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Ray J - ATM ft. Dria, Migos Music Video

Model Reese Shot By @JACKOATPHOTO

NAME: Reese



RACE/NATIONALITY: Cherokee/ Ethopian



Model Mocha Hershey Shot By @AlexJHudson

Model Mocha Hershey
IG: @Mocha_Hershey 
Photographer: Alex Hudson
IG: @AlexjHudsonPhoto


Veronica Noriega (@veronicanoriega ) Shot By @Fjtour2

Model:  Veronica Noriega 
Twitter: @veronicanoriega
Photographer: IG @cherryimages
Editor: @masontheditgod

Vanessa Gamez ( @thevanessagamez) Shot By Charming Charlton

Model: Vanessa Gamez 
Twitter @thevanessagamez
IG: theonlyvanessagamez
Location: Houston, TX

Photographer: Charming Charlton
IG: @charmingcharltonphotos

Check Out Kay Haynes Shot By IcedUp Photography

Model Kay Haynes
Photographer: IcedUp Photography
Model Instagram @KierraHaynes
Photographer Instagram @IcedUpPhotography

Model Stacy Dazzle Shot By IcedUp Photography

Model Stacy Dazzle

IG: Stacy_Dazzle

Photographer IcedUp Photography

Photographer IG: @icedupphotography

Check Out Model Mary Matt Shot By IcedUp Photography

Model: Mary Matt 
 Instagram: @MaryMatt13

Photographer: IcedUp Photography

 Instagram: @IcedUpPhotography

Zeta Banx (@zeta_banx) Shot By @JACKOATPHOTO

NAME: Zeta Banx

SIGN: Aquarius





Check Out @realjoniviera Shot By Cherry Images ( @Fjtour2 )

Model: Joni Viera
Twitter/IG: @realjoniviera
Photographer: Charles Cherry

Check Out Model Deidree Shot By @JACKOATPHOTO

  NAME: Deidree 
AGE: 23 
SIGN: Virgo 
RACE/NATIONALITY: African American 
Bust: 34
Waist: 27
Hips: 40

Q: Funniest/craziest experience you've encountered as a model?

A:  I haven't experienced anything too outrageous other than photographers keeping photos and being unprofessional.

Q:  Who’s your favorite music artist and why?

A: I love Monica because she is someone I can relate to and her music tells a story.

Q: What are your turn ons and turn offs in a man?

 A: One turn on is a man that can hold a conversation and someone handsome / an awkward look kind of exotic. 

Q: Favorite sex position and why? 

A: Doggy style because it gives the man control!

Q: What’s your idea of the perfect date?

A: A simply casual dinner with laughter and conversation.

Q: What’s your idea of the perfect guy?

A:  A strong minded individual with dreams & drive, consistent, respectful & humorous

Q: What's your best feature?

A: My eyes

Q: Are you single or taken ?

A: Single

Q: If you could give any advice to aspiring models what would it be?

A: To stay focused, every opportunity isn't for you, and to never be discouraged.

Where can our readers find you online? 

Twitter @Deidree_theplug 
Facebook: Deidree Lola Pressley 
IG: Deidree_ThePlug

EXCLUSIVE: Park & Ride By @sexysapphire

“She’s always late.”  Matthew muttered under his breath staring down at his watch again.  It was quarter after eleven at night and his wife, Shauna should have been dropped off almost twenty minutes ago.  Three nights a week he found himself parked in the park and ride close to the airport waiting for the shuttle to drop off his wife and any other employee leaving the airport to pick up their car. At least once a week she was late and tonight made twice this week Just as he reached inside the car to grab his cell phone off the seat he saw the shuttle pulling around the bend. “Its a bout time.” He said aloud to no one in particular. Tonight his car was the only car waiting in the park and ride.

He wanted to be mad at her but damn, watching her approach in that tight blue uniform skirt and taut white top  stretched across her ample bosom. Her shapely legs and  thighs almost made  his  knees tremble even after all this time and  those  damn stilettos. He never understood how she could walk  in those things but  he was so glad she did. Matthew was  brought out of his thoughts when Shauna  got close enough to throw her arms around his  neck. “ Hey daddy, sorry  I was late. Tina  said she needed a ride and had me wait for her then that good for nothing boyfriend of hers showed up so she didn't need a ride after all.” She  kissed  him passionately. “Which is  good for me, after a long day I could use some alone time with my  man.” She kissed him again, deeply as  she ran her hands along his chest.

Matthew  pulled Shauna in  close and grabbed her ass running his hands  all over her backside. “Girl you better  stop  flirting with daddy like this. The  next  shuttle isn’t  due for forty-five minutes. Do you know  what we could get done in  forty-five minutes?” He teased.  Stepping back from Matthew Shauna  pulled her  purse off her  shoulder and  tossed it in  into the  open car door. Unbuttoning her  shirt she then  dropped to a squatting positing and started unbuttoning his jeans. Looking down Matthew almost didn’t believe what was happening  but his wife was the spontaneous type. It’s part of  why he  loved her. He looked down and stroked the top  of her head, her  shoulder length jet black hair shone in the moonlight. Her full 38 DD cups  overflowed the top of her purple bra and he found himself wondering if she was  sporting a  matching thong or whether she had  that  juicy ass of hers  snugly encased in  full back panties. 

He didn’t have much time to wonder because his attention was immediately brought back into the present moment when Shauna’s lips encircled the tip of his penis for a  brief moment before taking his   shaft into her warm  wet mouth. He felt his knees  buckle as he closed his eyes and leaned back to steady himself  against the car. Once  he  was  able to regain his  composure he tried  to  speak  but just as he opened his mouth he felt his dick slide into the back of Shauna’s throat. “Da-a-a-a-mn girl. I must be the luckiest damn man in the wor….” his voice trailed off as Shauna voraciously sucked and slurped on his  rock hard cock. Her hands gripped his balls as she pleased him. His moans filled  the air, mixing with her slurps sounding like an erotic melody. 

Just when Matthew  thought he would  explode  Shauna rose to her  feet in front of him, leaving his  dick standing straight up out of his pants. “You like that daddy?” she purred, sucking her fingers and licking her lips. “Did it feel good when I put your dick in my throat? Was I  a  good cocksucker?” Her eyes were filled with lust. I want you to  fuck me  now, will you? Will you take this pussy right here in this parking lot?” She turned away from him lifting up her skirt to reveal her thongs, lodged deep in between her beautiful chocolate ass cheeks. Bending over she jiggled her ass in  his face  and laughed. He reached out to grab her by her waist, “Get your sexy ass over here girl.” Pulling her close he grabbed her and lifted her up, placing her on the trunk of the car. Laying her back he lifted her legs in the air and pulled her thongs off, shoving them deep in his pocket.

You know I got to taste this pretty pussy first don’t you, without waiting for an answer he dipped his head, sticking  his tongue  deep into his wife’s wet pussy. His tongue rolled around her clit, and gently licked the insides of her swollen pussy lips. His tongue stopped to flicker over her dripping hole, savoring the juices he found there. Above him, he could hear her muffled moans and her legs wrapped his head tightly, forcing his tongue deep into her hole. His  tongue darted in and out wildly as her hips bucked and legs began to twitch erratically He  gripped her  hips ad  let his tongue twirl around  her pussy, licking and  sucking every  inch  until she exploded loudly in his face,

Struggling to sit up, she panted and tried to catch her breath, “That….was…amazing.” she finally managed to say.  Leaning forward she kissed him 
deep, loving the taste of her  pussy in his mouth. “Take this pussy daddy,” she pleaded, rubbing her tits. “Stand up and bend over”, Matthew stroked his dick, readying himself to slide up in that pretty pink hole. Shauna bent over the trunk of the car, skirt around her waist, ass poked out and ready. Not wasting one minute, Matthew plunged deep in his wife’s waiting pussy. She gasped as his hand circled her neck, pulling her head back as his dick slid in deeper. Bracing her, hands steady on the car she fucked his back furiously, hips pumping back and forward to match his rhythm. “You feel so fucking good!” she screamed as his dick spread her tight hole wide. 

“Shit baby, you the one who feel good. I love this pussy.” He continued to stroke  her  chocolate velvety smooth pussy. His dick fit snuggly in her, after years of making love her body was custom fit to his and he loved it. This was HIS pussy and he knew it. Shauna was rocking her hips against hip, grinding her ass and pussy on his dick as he moved in and  out  of  her. Their mingled moans filled the parking lot as the two fucked each other hard and wild, yet somehow passionately making love at the same time. Matthew didn’t know if it was the thrill of having his wife exposed and being such a freak in such a public place as turning him on even more but he knew that he wasn’t going to last long s excited as he was.

Shauna’s vagina gripped his shaft, pulling him in tight as she came, her cum running down all over his dick. “Oh God yes, yes Matthew!!” she called out as she came. “Daddy, daddy slow  down, please…” she  begged as  he  furiously pummeled her pussy with his cement like dick. “Please!” she screamed again and  he  slowed down, stroking  her back lovingly as he  slid his hot rod in her wet juicy box. “ can I ride you daddy? I want to  ride that nut out and feel it  shoot deep up  inside me. Please.?” she  pleaded wiggling her ass on his dick. He  stopped and pulled out of her, dick swinging mid-air . He smacked her on the  ass and  motioned towards the  front of the car with his hand. She  ran up to the front seat to wait for him.

Taking his seat in the drivers chair, Shauna straddled him and slid  down  on  his  rigid   piece. Throwing her head  back  she grabbed  her tits and  rubbed them while she bounced up and down on Matthews throbbing member. Her tits  bounced as she bounced and Matthew reached up to take one into his mouth, licking at her  nipples and teasing them with his teeth as she rode him. “You  taking  this dick ain’t you damn  mami”,  Matthew thrust  into Shauna’s pussy as it  dripped down his cock, her pussy  juice all over his dick and thighs. “ I Love this dick!” she exclaimed, never missing a beat as she rode, walls squeezing  him like a vice grip. 

Matthew gripped Shauna’s  hips as the  bucked in unison, each one trying to  outface the other. “Fuck fuck fuck I’m about to cum daddy. Oh My God!” Shauna’s  body  began  to shake  violently atop him as he plunged into  her  gaping wet twat, burying his dick as  deep as her tightness would allow.  “Good, daddy going to cum with you.” he  shoved his  dick up in her  just as her walls clamped down  and released her hot cum all over his. With one final thrust he shot his load deep up inside her, her body shuddered as they came together. Spent, she slumped over on his chest, sweating and panting. “That was amazing.” she got out in between breaths. Matthew, also spent, hugged his wife tightly and kissed her forehead. “You are amazing.” She lifted her head and smiled. And he stole a peck on her lips. “I love you.” he whispered. Shauna smiled again, “ I love you too baby, but e better get out of here I know that  van will be back any minute.” she giggled. Matthew squeezed her tight again, and closed his eyes, “Just one more minute.”